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Are you an entrepreneur, a consumer, a student, a researcher, or simply a citizen looking for information on the competences and services of the FPS Economy?

Our Contact Center can answer many of your questions! Don‘t hesitate to call any business day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.! 



What kind of information can you get from the Contact Center?

 As a consumer, you can call the Contact Center for information on:

  • the liberalisation of natural gas and electricity markets;
  • payment of fuel oil bills in instalments;
  • flat-rate reductions on heating with natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil;
  • energy-saving investments in homes;
  • steps to take to comply with regulations on home electricity installations;
  • consumer protection, including: 
    • alternative resolution of complaints; 
    • travel contracts;
    • insurance;
    • regulation regarding seasonal sales.

As a business, you can call the Contact Center for information on:

  • the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises;
    • for independent professions, among others;
  • itinerant trade;
  • the central jury and terms of participating in the exam on basic management knowledge;
  • administrative formalities for ‘starters’ (new entrepreneurs), including:
    • 1 euro Ltd. company establishment fee for ‘starters’;
    • additional aid for ‘starters’ in the German-speaking part of the country; 
  • Reach;
  • innovation bonus;
  • public tenders;
  • the professional card;
  • the “payment delay in case of commercial transactions” contact point;
  • the Artisans websiteExternal link;
  • regulation regarding seasonal sales. 

It also provides information on:

Contact Center

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Contact Center

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